Welcome Stranger!

You've just arrived at the digital shelter of Sebastian Senf. Call me Basti. Enjoy yourself!

About me

As you have guessed correctly, the picture above shows me. There I am a couple kilometers outside of Sofia, after a night of raving, in the Bulgarian woods. One of many great nights to remember from my traveling.

In mid-2013 I finally followed my calling to travel a bit and see the world. I quit my apartment and sold most of my stuff, so my possessions could fit in a bigger and a smaller backpack. Ever since I am living a minimalistic life.

I was doing web-developing as a freelancer for 4 years already, so nothing really changed too much job-wise. I have to admit it's a rollercoaster, still to this day. But I would not do anything else.

I started coding when I got my very first PC back in 2001. It was huge, gray, ugly and slow. I never was into gaming, so tinkering around with it was a natural thing to do. Basically what I still do, but on another level and for the web.

Around the same time I started to ride BMX, which became also a huge part of my youth. It was a real nice balance to all the computer and technical stuff. Over these 10 years I learned to love freedom. Being out in the streets everyday, with a close circle of friends. In retrospect I am very happy to have stuck with such a hobby.

But life goes on, as they say. When I started traveling I rode BMX less and less. So I found myself a new expression of freedom, which is Music. Drum and Bass espacially. I partied all over Europe, and met so many great people. Just like BMX, there is no 'right' way to do it. You just express yourself how you see fit. For over a year now I also do some DnB DJ'ing myself, and love it.

Another predisposition that stayed with me ever since I was a child is doodling, drawing, and making art in general. If there is a pen and a paper, you can be sure that I do a quick doodle. From time to time I paint some canvas', but most of the time I love the process of making lines. It's almost a meditation.

I could go on much longer. But I believe you get the gist. I like to express myself in various ways. I love the arts. I love the life and the freedom. I like to do the unconventional things.