Remount-Router - file-based router for Express.js & Nuxt.js with automatic routes remounting

In the past, when I wanted to automatically restart an Express.js server (or any app for that matter), I used tools like Forever, Nodemon or PM2. They did the job well, because re-starting the whole server took only a second or two. That changed when I started to use Nuxt.js.

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Mentoring at Nodeschool Workshop in Munich

I am currently hanging out in Munich. A couple of weeks ago I've attended the Munich Node.js User Group for the first time. It was a pretty good meetup and event over at Microsoft. They also sponsored the event, so kudos to them for the pizza and the couple of beers I had!

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Ekso - Node.js Module to require entire directory structures

The quest of structure

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Open sourcing my web remote control written in CoffeeScript and Node.js

After releasing the source code for my Twitter auto-following app and my winning entry for the Static Showdown Hackathon 2016 I continue to dig out old projects that were either privatly hosted on GitHub or catching dust on my backup drives. I have quite some of them, so expect more in the future.

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I finished first place at the Static Showdown hackathon with a speaking game, here is the code

For the past 5 years I attend remote hackathons, namely Rails Rumble, Node Knockout and Static Showdown. It's fun, it's challenging, and it's good for learning new technologies.

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Banned Twitter Auto-Follow Application in Node.js


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